I'm an artist and knitwear designer living in the beautiful Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts. I taught myself to knit using Jacqueline Fee's book The Sweater Workshop, and found myself knitting more and more while I was in graduate school working on my MFA in art. My passion for knitting steadily grew and eventually I also began designing. As a designer, I aim to create classic, flattering garments and accessories that are a pleasure to knit and to wear. 

When I'm not knitting, I'm usually busy creating in other ways: abstract embroidery, collages, drawings. To learn more, please visit my art website.


My designs have been published by Knitscene, Interweave Knits, knit.wear, Brooklyn Tweed, Quince & Co., Green Mountain Spinnery, Knitty, and others. I also have my own line of independently published patterns, Blue Peninsula.

You'll find all of my patterns on Ravelry — as well as a lively Blue Peninsula group. It's a friendly and welcoming place where you can join a knitalong, ask questions, and get to know other fans of my designs from around the world. All are welcome!

Selected Blue Peninsula patterns are also available at Etsy and Loveknitting


To order print copies of my patterns, please contact my wholesale distributor, Stitch Sprouts. In addition, many of my patterns are available through Ravelry's LYS in-store sales program.


The name Blue Peninsula comes from a poem by Emily Dickinson that ends:

It might be easier
To fail—with Land in Sight—
Than gain—My Blue Peninsula—
To perish—of Delight

For me, "My Blue Peninsula" is a life dedicated to creativity. Real delight arises from taking risks—including the risk of failure—and being true to oneself. That's my goal as an artist and designer: to create work that's a source of meaning and delight for myself and others.